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Bridging the tech gap.

We are providing a simple platform to all the tech users to search impliment and publish their ideas.

Peolple can use our site as a technology hub were you can find blogs, ideas, latest tech news, and can even buy exotic and authentic tech products.

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  1. Dear valued partner:
    How are you?
    This is Kate from DECI.
    We aimed to provide high precision spindle motors similar quality like (IBAG, HSD,HITECO, JAGER, SOYETC…..)
    But only 1/3-1/5 of their price .

    With our advanced STUDER S32, S242 milling machine , we can ensure the precision and quality .
    With our 10+years experience and stable engineers , we can ensure the stable of spindles .

    We have some stocks in New Delhi now which have great price competitive,please contact with me for the price 🙂
    Best Regards
    Kate Tin

    Mob/whatspp/wechat: +86-18565573654
    Skype: kate.tin

  2. We are located in Ukraine and are a manufacturer of contactors, which are used in the production of civil and military ships and are interested in supplying our products for your needs and requirements

    All products are packaged in their original packaging, and have a quality certificate, warranty, and issue of 2019. Below is the list of contactors:

    Our website: https://kpemz.com/en/
    With respect Yarovoy Alexey

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