Why will you choose us!!

As Asense Interior become the new style statement for the modern homemaker, more and more Modern families are opting for it over Other’s/carpenter made kitchens and wardrobes in Bangalore. Here are a few reasons why ASENSE:-

“ASENSE Interior is definitely a better bet than Other’s made kitchens and wardrobes”

Infinite and Unique design options

Carpenter/Others would give you a limited number of design options or copy pastes some other’s work. Our specialists will create a unique design depends on your requirements and give you numerous options for smart and effective usage of your space. Wall Units, Corner Units, lift-up flaps, soft-closing drawers are all blessings of modular Furniture. At the end of the day when you will enter your house, you and your guests will have to tell that “WOW”.

Material Transparency

As you know today’s market is so critical. Carpenters are ready to do full 2bhk furniture with modular kitchen within 2 lacs. With kind of Green ply material. Believe me it’s not possible to do for any interior guy who promises original materials. We won’t promise false commitments to our customers. Our motive is to make a transparent market so customers can trust us. We are very specific with our product description and details. What we promise, We provide.

Excellent finish

Observe the rough edges and uneven finish of a carpenter-made kitchen and wardrobes, and Compare it to the smooth, seamless finish of a modular kitchen, wardrobes and other furniture. It is unparalleled. Another Advantage of the machine-made shutters of ASENSE Interior is that every shutter is evenly finished, and has no open edges. This ensures that no bacteria or pests enter the cabinets, and you will be having a clean hygienic House.

Flexible rates

With the same materials we will be charging you differently for different Units. Where for Kitchen Down cabinet we will be charging you Rs. 1400 per sq/ft. and for Kitchen chimney units we will charge you rs.1250 per sq/ft. All these variable rates will help you to do all the furniture within your budget.(price is just an example.)

Pre-Production work

It’s not like carpenters that they will draw something on your wall and then immediately start the work. We have our unique methodology of work and documentation which will help both of us to keep good relation and commitment. Taking your requirements we will measure and take snaps of your flat and start designing of your interior, after that we will show you first draft and do iterations numbers of time till that satisfy you. After finalization of design we will start the execution of work keeping all the approved design. So before the execution and paying full you will be having a complete knowledge of what is going to happen.

Maintenance and Service

With a carpenter-made Furniture and kitchen, there is no guarantee for replacement or regular service. But with Modern Interior companies like ASENSE, The Interior Specialist, you will not only get easy replacements but also a regular service contract that will ensure that your Interior Remains in perfect working condition always.

Value for money

Though the carpenter-made Furniture seems like a reasonable solution in the beginning, it ends up being an expensive affair. The carpenter will keep adding material and services as he progresses. And in the end, when you calculate, you will realize the price has crossed the quotation the Interior company gave you. So you not only end up paying more for a carpenter-made Furniture, but you also don’t get the functionality, innovation, excellent finish and look of a modular Furniture.

Happy Ending

ASENSE, The Interior Specialist provides you with the design expertise, and world class Interior solutions to turn your empty flat into a new, fresh, vibrant and a complete mood-setter for an amazing Home experience.

With the best interior designers in Bangalore at your service, you can rest assured that we will breathe a new life to your abode.